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JD Clayton






JD Clayton is an independent musician currently based in Nashville, Tennessee. He released his debut album, Smoke Out the Fire, in November of 2018. In July of 2020, he released the first single from his forthcoming album entitled Slow & Steady.

I worked closely with JD to develop the single artwork for Slow & Steady. After some digital photo collage and some good old-fashioned text warping, we landed on what you see below. I also drew and animated a simple lyric video for the single, which you can view below. For this single JD also released an acoustic version for which I made a "nighttime" version of the single artwork. And for his summertime playlist I made a companion graphic to keep consistent with the branding. 

I am continually working with JD to further develop his singer/songwriter brand.

JD Clayton – Slow & Steady Single Art

Photo of JD by Bree Marie Fish

JD Clayton – Slow & Steady (Acoustic) Art

Photo of JD by Bree Marie Fish

JD Clayton – Summer Magic Playlist Art

Photo by Bree Marie Fish