Nick Bolin


Carrot Dirt Organics





Carrot Dirt Organics is Fort Smith, Arkansas' first and only 100% organic juice bar. Since 2014 they have been the premier vegan hotspot in Fort Smith, specializing in cold-pressed juices, smoothies, grab-n-go foods, baked goods and coffee drinks. In the fall of 2020 they opened their doors to a new location in Chaffee Crossing and began a new chapter.

I have worked with the Carrot Dirt team on this rebranding over several years, and in that time I came to truly understand the spirit of the brand. Carrot Dirt’s tagline is “vitality in a bottle” and their mission has always been to provide fresh, organic foods for a better life. That tagline evoked for me images of lightning bolts and the notion that good, healthy food can drastically change your life.

The typeface I chose for the logotype is a heavier weight of their original logo typeface, Nueva. I trimmed some serifs here and there to allow for tighter kerning, and I borrowed the tittle on the ‘i’ from a font called Expo Sans, which is used throughout the brand materials. When I met with the owners to discuss what they’d like to see in a rebranding, they told me they wanted something elegant, but still youthful, colorful and fun. They wanted their brand to express the same type of amazing feeling you’d get from drinking a bottle of fresh beet juice or downing an organic salad. Carrot Dirt is full of personality, if you couldn’t tell from the name, but more than that, Carrot Dirt is full of life.

The logomark combines two carrots and the initials CD.


Early explorations of shape, color, letterform and layout.

Beginning with the original untouched logo, a progression of identity options I designed over the years.

Logo explorations for the carrot icon.

Logotype sketches.

An evolution of the logomark.

Rough storyboard sketches for the Carrot Dirt video.

From very early on in the process, I wanted to incorporate cut paper shapes into the visual language.

Fruit and vegetable shapes cut by hand and vectorized.

Carrot Dirt's color palette is inspired by the various fruits and vegetables that are used in-store everyday. Along with the more natural and organic hues, I decided to include the owners' favorite color, a bright teal, or in this case, magic. It's the secret ingredient.

Primary and secondary color palette.

Expo Sans Semibold.

The touchpoints for Carrot Dirt were chosen based on the needs of the brand. From business cards to the menu, packaging and reusable grocery bag, every element considers the customer’s experience. I incorporated illustrations in the grocery bag and t-shirt designs to match the friendly persona the brand embodies.