Nick Bolin






2018 is a subscription box delivering three exquisite design objects for an affordable monthly price. Featuring stationery items, foods and tools from all over the world, is expertly curated by professionals in the design sphere and is often themed depending on the month.

I designed the branding for the box itself, using a slightly altered version of the typeface FF You Can Read Me™, as well as each of the items inside. As this is just a concept for what could be reality, I took great care in ensuring the objects told a color story while still appearing to be from different brands. I took some liberties with my unofficial Public – Supply Sunset Pencil Set and I used an existing spork for my Spork NY concept. For the OSOS brand of "designer" gummy bears, I cut the logo out of sticker paper by hand and applied it to the back of the clear plastic casing. My focus was experimental packaging that felt as high quality as it looked. For the box itself, I measured every increment of a larger box I had on hand and sized it down. Then I cut it down and built it myself. It was an incredibly rewarding process and if the domain for didn't cost $2,600, I would have snatched it up by now.

Isometric view of the box (which I built from scratch)


How the items fit in the box tells a color story

The backside of the box advertising the website